email Tracker

Track your emails with our app.

Through Yodabear, you can track the email campaigns that you sent out. It specifies the number of recipients and the status of sending whether they are completed or ongoing. Yodabear generates email reports where you can see whether your emails were:


Broadcast text message straight to your audiences.

Send SMS campaigns even through your desktop or laptops through Yodabear! You can send a text message to numerous contacts in one go! You can even send texts with a customized Sender ID to strengthen your brand recognition. 

Why Choose Yodabear?


Zero Setup or Monthly Fees

Forget about monthly bills


No IT Experience? No Problem!

This digital marketing platform does not require advanced technical knowledge.


Secured Transactions for your and your Customer

Our advanced fraud detection engines protect you from 99.9% of fraudulent transactions. You can save up to 50x more money from this feature.


Unlimited Contacts and Audiences

Unlike other platforms, we do not charge based on the number of your contacts and audience lists making Yodabear a practical, cheaper yet world-class digital marketing partner.


Send SMS and Email Using One Platform

Yodabear offers yodamail for email marketing and yodatext for SMS marketing all within one platform.


Customizable sender ID

SMS marketing is still one of the best and reliable marketing tool. We can customize your sender ID upon request.

when life is ruff, think pawsitive!

Send Marketing Emails and SMS in 10 Minutes!

Isn’t it exciting to have a marketing platform that you can both send email and SMS campaigns! You don’t need to use access multiple websites and apps just send email or SMS campaigns. You can do both with Yodabear! What’s more, you can easily send your campaigns in just 10 minutes!

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